All about Dent Genie, LLC.

Hi! My name is Brandon Willis, owner of Dent Genie, LLC.

IMG_1546I began my journey with paintless dent repair by being trained by the largest company in our industry all the way up in St. Louis, MO. After two months of dent repair boot camp, I began traveling up and down the Southeast, learning to perfect what I was trained to fix.

Alabama, Florida, South Carolina were all places I called home for some time, but I have always wanted to be back near Atlanta, where the majority of my family lives, and where the southern hospitality is plentiful. So here I am, and so glad to be here.

Spending several years working for three of the largest PDR companies in the metro Atlanta area, I had aspirations of building a better, more unique PDR solution for the community I have always really cared about.

Smaller businesses, in my opinion have a greater ability to deliver that personal touch to the repair service. I have always felt it is an opportunity to deliver a superior result, while standing 100% behind each and every repair. That is what my company stands for and what it will always be about.

The highest goal in creating Dent Genie, LLC. was to build a company and a brand that people will know they can trust. Each time I setup an appointment I approach each opportunity with the same attitude: Treat each customer the way I would want to be treated by any company I would hire to repair my own vehicle.

With my years of expertise in Paintless Dent Repair I will be able to accurately and quickly assess the condition of your vehicle and suggest the absolute best course of action.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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